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Creating a pet program that makes both people and property managers happy is a collaborative effort. Here are some of the companies that we work with to make it happen. 


  • PetScreening** is an online platform for property managers that takes the work and liability out of administering pet programs by managing paperwork, assessing the risk of potential pet residents, and verifying animal accommodation requests

  • DogSpot builds high-tech dog houses that provide pet owners with a safe and comfortable den to keep their pets while going into places that aren't pet-friendly.


  • Positive Dog Solutions is run by animal behaviorists and trainers who offer a multitude of in-person and virtual animal behavioral consulting services, with a focus on managing pets in multi-family unit spaces.







*Note: Opening Doors does not guarantee any products, services, or vendors listed on this page nor can we be responsible for problems that arise from engaging with any of these companies.

**Opening Doors earns a small referral fee from these companies.